Beating the Heat with your Motorcycle

Beating the Heat with your Motorcycle

A sunny day and a cloudless sky make for a perfect day to go riding with your motorcycle on long road trips with friends. It is the perfect weather to enjoy the long cross-country roads with clear visibility due to clear skies. Cruising through age-old roads or riding through twisting mountain passes can be an exhilarating experience, that it is sometimes easy to forget the dangers of riding in extreme temperatures.


For riders, safety is always the top priority and wearing full riding gear is always a must but during summer temperatures wearing them can be uncomfortable. So, we have provided a list of helpful tips to help you beat the heat even with full riding gear on.

Tips for Beating the Heat

  •  Know the Dangers of Heat Exhaustion

    Sweat helps keep you cool and regulate your body heat.  As sweat vaporizes it will pull heat out and away from your body cooling you down. Sweat may be a good thing for your body but too much sweat can lead to dehydration. Heat exhaustion happens when the body fails to cool itself. Dehydration and overdressing are also some of the factors of heat exhaustion.

    Prevention is always better than cure so knowing what causes heat exhaustion and how it affects our body is one of the best ways to beat the heat. The Symptoms of heat exhaustion is easy to spot and it easily preventable when treated early. Dizziness, Muscle Cramps together with Cool moist skin and goosebumps even in the heat is an early sign of heat exhaustion. If the symptoms are left unchecked it could lead to a heat stroke which is dangerous and life-threatening.

    •  Wear Ventilated Protective Gear 

    Wearing proper protective gear under the full glare of the sun is uncomfortable but it also helps prevent injuries like scrapes, road rash and it also prevents sunburns due to overexposure. However, the heavy protective gear can prevent your body from cooling, clinging on to your sweat and preventing air from ventilating your body.

    Wear Protective Gear that has wicking and breathable properties so that you won’t feel uncomfortable especially when you are stationary and waiting for the traffic light. Fabrics with moisture-wicking and breathable materials help your body cool down because the wicking fabrics absorb less water than other conventional materials like cotton

    •  Always Stay Hydrated

    The most important tip in beating the heat when riding in your motorcycle is always staying hydrated even if you don’t feel thirsty. Your body needs water to produce to sweat to help cool your body and the more you sweat the more water you need. Energy Drinks and Caffeine is not a substitute for water and will only accelerate dehydration if you only rely on caffeinated water throughout your trip. Always carry extra provisions of water especially on long country drives.

    How, then, can you enjoy riding during summer and feeling the breeze as it blows against your skin without having to get scared of the negative consequences that could arise?

     There is a solution for you

    Due to the challenges that motorcyclists must face when riding in hot weather, it is imperative that you equip yourself with a product that can help you face the challenges without fear and keep you safe no matter how hot the weather gets. If you really prepare yourself, you can continue to enjoy going for a ride on your motorcycle even when the weather is really hot.

    We are currently designing a special product which is geared towards solving this problem. This product will get you excited, and we recommend that every motorcycle rider gets one for themselves. With this product, it helps keep your skin cool and ventilated even under the heat of the sun. The cooling properties of this product can be safely and conveniently carried anywhere in its own special cooling bag and so it is wearable that you can stay cool anytime and anywhere on the go. You can now enjoy your ride on the road during summer with nothing to fear. 

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