Rock Metal Music: Its Psychology and Age-Less Pull

Rock Metal Music: Its Psychology and Age-Less Pull


Many supposedly learned scholars used to think that metal music is dark and foreboding. In fact, the direction of previous studies was to verify such a negative assumption. Add to the mix is the sensationalizing of mainstream media of stories about troubled youngsters who happened to be fans of an “unrespectable” music genre. Their stories were skewed to show that the youngsters are troubled because they like rock metal music; when in fact, it could be the other way around.

But all these changed in 2009 when a study entitled Metal Music and Mental Health in France was published. The said study challenged opponents of metal music to re-evaluate the basis of their claims as there have been no established direct links between metal music and self-destructive tendencies.

Post-2009 studies show that metal music is not harmful. In fact, this music genre can actually be useful as a coping mechanism. A particularly interesting study showed how coping mechanism through rock metal work; with those showing more anxiety participating in collective slamming while those with less anxiety participating in individual pogoing (jumping up and down).

Subsequent studies prove that the dark and “morbid” theme of rock metal lyrics may actually be good to a person’s emotional and mental health. The frankness of death in songs help remove anxiety and depression, which is otherwise referred to as a protective psychological benefit.

Even fans of music would agree. One fan even said that she never felt in line with how the mainstream media demonized rock metal music. On the contrary, she felt free because of the emotional outlet this “heavy” music provides.

The dramatic shifts in musical dynamics are reportedly the main reasons why adolescents listen to rock metal music as stress relievers.

You’re Never Too Old or Too Cool for Rock

Just recently, a couple of elderly challenged the unspoken assumption that class, age and race shield people from enjoying rock metal music. According to reports, a nursing home in Germany alerted the police because of two seniors who have gone missing only to find them at the Wacken Open Air Metal Festival, which is the largest heavy metal festival in the world.

The men were enjoying the concert too much that they refused to leave even when the police came for them.

Should You Introduce Rock Metal Music to Kids?

There are actually three very good reasons why you should introduce your kids to rock metal music. The first of which is to give your kids the chance to channel their aggression on something that does not saddle them with a competition. Kids are naturally aggressive and if they are afforded a release, in a controlled environment, they would have an easier time managing aggression in the more delicate social scenarios.

The second reason for early introduction is acceptance. In reality, kids battle within themselves and their surroundings as they are trying to find themselves in the midst of parent expectation. Believe it or not, the acceptance they seek can start in the music that they listen to. So why would you limit their genre options?

Lastly, rock metal music is just another form of entertainment. And like any other types of entertainment, it can get really funny. Metalheads sometimes lose themselves in the music and the sight could be something to behold.

Life is hard enough so why would you make it harder by removing rock metal music from your list of entertainment options?